SANAO Dental Handpieces


The SANAO line of precision handpieces


SciCan part # S20100

  • 1:5 increasing
  • Glass rod
  • 3 port spray
  • Friction grip burs Ø 1.60 mm

SciCan part # S20101

  • 1:1 
  • Glass rod 
  • 1 port spray 
  • Latch type
  • burs Ø 2.35 mm

SciCan part # S20103

  • 5:1 reduction 
  • Glass rod 
  • 1 port spray
  • Latch type burs Ø 2.35 mm

SciCan part # S20106

  • 5:1 reduction 
  • Snap-on/screw-in prophylaxis head

SciCan part # S20107

  • 1:1 
  • 1 port spray 

Straight type
burs Ø 2.35 mm

  SANAO 40

(Non Fiber Optic)
SciCan part # S20102

  • 1:1 
  • 1 port spray 
  • Latch type burs Ø 2.35 mm

( Non Fiber Optic)
SciCan part # S20104

  • 5:1 reduction 
  • 1 port spray 
  • Latch type burs  Ø 2.35 mm

Engineered to help your practice maintain its
own clean bill of health!

Holding (and not just seeing) is believing
with the remarkable Sanao handpiece.
When it takes its place in the working hand,
it instantly resets your expectations for
comfort and control. 

As a result of extensive product development, field testing and market research, the Sanao handpiece is squared, pinched, angled, and fashioned to deliver precise control while minimizing hand-fatigue
and grip related stress. Designed and
manufactured by SciCan.

Power: The smallest torque controlled
motor in the industry



Combine the ergonomic design of the Sanao line of handpieces with SciCan’s E-Statis™ SLM, the smallest torque controlled motor in the industry (up to 35% shorter and lighter!) and
you have a stress reducing combination that
can save the day. Less fatigue, more control.


Thanks to optimized mass distribution of the handpiece and a system that is shorter and lighter, SANAO handpieces used with the E-STATIS SLM motor cause less stress on the hand and wrist. 

Other handpieces are long and awkward, creating an incorrect center of gravity that causes stress on the hand and wrist with regular use.

SciCan’s innovative HPS resin (Hygiene Protection System) helps prevent the build up of debris. 

A dental handpiece is an intricate
assembly of finely engineered
components built into narrow
channels within the arm / head. 

In a traditional construction,
these channels can collect
matter and are notoriously
difficult to clean effectively.

These hard to clean channels
within the SANAO line of
handpieces are filled with
SciCan’s HPS resin that closes
the door on any material that
might otherwise find its
way inside.




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