SALUS® - Hygiene

Instrument Reprocessing Container

Bravo and STATIM G4


Safely store and transport your instruments, every step from sterile storage to chair side.

SALUS is a reusable container developed to organize your hygiene instruments during use, transport, cleaning, sterilization, and storage.


No Wrap Required

SALUS eliminates the costly and time consuming use of sterilization paper and pouches.

Save hours spent wrapping, hundreds of dollars in sterilization paper, and reduce waste.

Safe Transport

SALUS eliminates the need to handle your hygiene instruments during reprocessing. Instruments are safely and easily transported in the rack and sleeve.

The tamper evident latch is activated when processed through a steam sterilizer.
Rack handles lock instruments in place.

User Friendly

Transparent container allows for instant identification of instruments and chemical indicator.

Maintain OSHA Compliance

SALUS is OSHA compliant for transport. Safety knob locks container for secure transport.

Capacity and Sterile Storage

SALUS fits most standard hygiene solid instruments (up to 6.88”). Maintains sterility for up to 30 days. Container to last 2,500 cycles.


Rack & Sleeve

are made of medical grade resin

Validated for Biocompatbility

Designed to withstand Steam Sterilization

HYDRIM® Accessories
HYDRIM C61W Rack -
Fits 6 SALUS
HYDRIM C61W Rack -
Fits 3 SALUS
HYDRIM L110W Rack -
Fits 10 SALUS sleeves
HYDRIM L110W Rack -
Fits 10 SALUS racks or 5 SALUS sleeves
HYDRIM L110W Rack -
Fits 5 SALUS racks
BRAVOTM Accessories
Comes with 17V
BRAVO 17V Rack - Fits 3 SALUS
Comes with 21V
BRAVO 21V Rack - Fits 6 SALUS
Recommended Accessories
Part Number Description
CASSETTE-CLIP Air/water syringe tip
01-114360 Labels (100/pack)
01-114204 Autoclavable markers (3/pack)
01-114206 HYDRIM L110 10 sleeve rack
01-114208 Medium sleeve assembly
01-114217 Color-coded pins (Assorted, 18/pack)
01-114211 Color-coded pins (Blue, 20/pack)
01-114210 Color-coded pins (Yellow, 20/pack)
01-114209 Color-coded pins (Red, 20/pack)
SALUS Hygiene Dimensions
Part Number Description
SALUS-10-AM (W x D x H): 7.7” x 6.5” x 1.6”
(195mm x 165mm x 41mm)

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