STATCARE Spray - Handpiece Lubricant

One step, pre-sterilization handpiece maintenance spray

Order number: S500-6NA (box of 6 cans)

STATCARE provides lubrication to help increase the life of dental handpieces. It cleans and protects turbines, air motors, shanks and heads to ensure long lasting service.

Simply hold the can in a vertical position and spray for one full second at every lubrication process. Run the handpiece for 20 seconds after lubrication to expel excess oil.

Handpieces should then be sterilized in a STATIM Cassette Autoclave; for fast, gentle sterilization that helps prolong handpiece life.

STATCARE nozzles
Three specifically designed reusable, metal spray-cap nozzles deliver STATCARE spray to the exact areas where cleaning and lubrication are required.

*Fits KaVo MULTIflex coupling
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